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Est. 1990
Waterloo, Michigan

The tale of Eric's 20 years of life as a schizophrenic, unhoused American in Michigan and California and his last year, spent with us, has been published. Includes his incredible poetry.

Softcover 50 page chapbook, signed by the author, is now available for $14.99.

Price includes tax, shipping and a donation to BC2M - Bring Change to Mind.

Use PayPal.Me/EdenEggs or Venmo@marsimoon


Mail check to:

Marsi Darwin

9080 Beeman

Chelsea, MI 48118                    Email Marsi

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The book is out!









            As seen in the Ann Arbor Observer


Our  sweet Peanut the Chicken died in her sleep

in my arms early Christmas morning.

Her full “obituary” is in the link below.

Thank you all for loving her, and me.

The memorial edition of my book is now available below.

Please be kind to someone today in her memory.

Order "My Girl Peanut & Me" Here


Sometimes you feel like an outsider from the moment you’re hatched. Or peeled out of the egg, in Peanut’s case. Against all odds, Peanut overcame identity issues, bullying, anxiety, illness, and loss to earn the Guinness record of World’s Oldest Living Chicken. As one misfit to another, her tale is lovingly told by her caregiver of over two decades. 



and at Farmer's Supply and Farm Sudz in Chelsea, MI

Email Marsi if you have questions:

Softcover 72 page picture book with the story of Peanut and Marsi, NEW memorial edition with added pages, signed by the author for $20. Price includes tax & shipping. Use PayPal.Me/EdenEggs or Venmo@marsimoon  or

Mail check to:

Marsi Darwin

9080 Beeman

Chelsea, MI 48118


World's Oldest Chicken

Our current focus is on our bantam hen, Peanut, who achieved the Guinness record of World's Oldest Chicken on January 28, 2023 at the age of 20 years and 272 days. She is the subject of the picture book, My Girl Peanut and Me - on Love and Life from the World's Oldest Chicken,

by Marsi Parker Darwin.

Available now at Schuler Books, Westgate in Ann Arbor, Farm Sudz in Chelsea, local shows, and online. Order details above.

We've mailed copies to almost every state in the nation, plus a few other countries. It's been an amazing adventure!


Here's what readers are saying:



“This is an important and amazing story in every wonderful way!”


“I absolutely LOVE My Girl Peanut and ME - read every single word - laughed, felt tearful…

This book is a TREASURE and my humble poem is deeply honored to be included!”

Naomi Shihab Nye


“What a beautiful book on multiple levels…

It is poignant, sweet, and beautiful in its simplicity…

Children and adults alike can relate to what Peanut experiences…”


“Surviving maternal rejection, peer ostracism, and physical survival brought out the best in Peanut. I was moved by the fact that although she experienced so much trauma…she later ushered those same chickens into her warm abode…Who knew that chickens are capable of forgiveness?”


“This book touches the reader on a religious or spiritual level. 

The miracle of your saving love that allowed the smallest and weakest chicken to survive and thrive and outlive every other chicken on earth is heartwarming and provides hope.”


“What a lovely little book for all ages.”


“The book is wonderful…We misfits and outsiders salute the love you and Peanut are sending out into the wider world!”

"Peanut's long life is a testament to your care and your loving heart."


Our Story


Set on 37 acres of woodland and wetland, our little farm has grown and thrived under our loving care for over 30 years. 

I met Bill when I took a stained glass class from him at nearby Waterloo Farm Museum in 1988. Although I cut and burned myself making a small ornament at that first workshop, he encouraged me to continue, which I did the following year at Darwin's Studio.

The year after that, he proposed; we married in June 1990, and built our home on the pond in 1991.  

Since then we've raised a menagerie of Welsh corgi dogs, cats, parrots and peafowl, chickens, ducks, and guinea fowl. 

Bill also has a side business restoring antique "one-armed bandits" slot machines at


World's Oldest Chicken

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